Who is a Taboo-Naut?

“I Travel for just one thing… stories; stories that I can listen, stories that I can share, stories that I can live…”

~ Ibn Batuta, 14th Century ‘Taboo-Naut’

‘Taboo-Naut’ is a self-coined word for people who love to travel but not just for collecting stuff for their showcase but for collating experiences of a life time. These are people who believe that real experiences lie beyond the facade of morality and customs, in the realm of the forbidden. These are people who dare to open up secret and sealed doors to reveal a world that exists for a chosen few. These are people who can’t tell openly about their experiences for the fear of persecution or ridicule. This blog is a creative vent to one such Taboo-Naut, yours truly.

Despite being someone who has seen over 60 countries, you won’t find one magnetic sticker on my old Samsung refrigerator. But when you pick out some ice out of it, break it a little and talk to me, you might find a truckload of stories, stories similar to what Ibn Batuta must have been scrounging for while tavelling across half of the globe with a provervial shoe at his side. Some of these stories are so far-fetched that boundaries between reality and fiction get blurred beyond recognition. Some of these stories are so twitchy that you might want to strangle your curiosity for your comfort.

Haraam… Taboo… Lie”, they might yell.

“Stop… Get Out… Die…”, they might tell.

But these words need to be told, forbidden or not,

For these stories are what maketh a Taboo-Naut.

“When you see what’s not to be seen, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

~Ibn Batuta, the same Taboo-Naut who said the previous quote


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